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Short story- "LESSON LEARNED"- In Crumpled Voices-2- from Gargi Publishers, New Delhi, 2015.

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2017 (SRI LANKA) Survival and Continuity of Folk Culture Amidst Jain Remains in Purulia District of West Bengal, IndiaIn University of Kelaniya (Sri Lanka) book on- Buddhism and Jainism in Early Historic Asia-2017. ACCESS ONLINE HERE 

2015 (INDIA) Visual Culture in the Indian Subcontinent: Chitrolekha International Magazine on Art and Design, Volume V, Number 1, 2015

2014 (SAARC CULTURE CENTRE- SRI LANKA). (ISBN 978-955-0567-09-6) Intangible Heritage and the Dynamic Art of Storytelling:- Sustainable Development of Cultural Heritage through Different Expressions. In Book of Abstracts- SAARC Research Programme on- Cultural Heritage Tourism and Sustainable Development in South Asia, April 28-29, 2014. SAARC Cultural Centre, Sri Lanka.(p-137)
ACCESS ONLINE HERE- SAARC Journal- Vol-3, 2012

2014 (INDIA). (ISBN 978-81-908305-6-0) Epic Retold- Ramayana Influencing English Graphic Novels for Children in India Over the Years. In Proceedings of the Conference on The Ramayana in Literature Society and the Arts:- February 1-2, 2013. C.P.R. Publications- C.P.R. Institute of Indological Research, Chennai, India.
ACCESS ABSTRACT ONLINE HERE-Ramayan Festival Abstract- p-32

2008 (UK). (ISBN (10): 1-84718-583-5, ISBN (13): 9781847185839) Change and Continuity as Means to Perpetuate Cultural Anxiety:-A Brief Study of Tusu brata Rites and the Worship of Goddess Manasa in Specific Districts of Lateritic West Bengal. In Panchanan Mohanty, Ramesh C. Mallick, Eswarappa Kasi ed. 2008 Ethnographic Discourse of the Other: Conceptual and Methodological Issues. UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
ACCESS ONLINE HERE- Online-Chapter-11-p-206

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