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EXPLORING INDIA, SRI LANKA AND SOUTH ASIA (History, Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage)

The history of 'postal Runners' across South Asia. Newsin.Asia. July 13, 2018 ACCESS ARTICLE HERE
The historical connection of Odisha and other parts of India with Sri Lanka- from the ancient till the British colonial times. The Bali Jatra of Odisha still celebrates the trading connections with South and South-east Asia. Newsin.Asia. July 8, 2018ACCESS ARTICLE HERE

Masked dances of South Asia has an important history and a connection with nature. Newsin.Asia. July 8, 2018 ACCESS ARTICLE HERE

Sri Lanka saw an important trade of 'manufactured ice' during British colonial times- being the second in South Asia (after India) and having an important impact on the economy and society. Newsin.Asia. June 12,2018ACCESS ARTICLE HERE

Narrative scrolls across South Asia- connecting culture and history. Newsin.Asia. June 7, 2018 ACCESS ARTICLE HERE

An important Sri Lankan proverb (used widely even at present) speaks of the beginning of Portuguese colonial times. News in.Asia. May 31. 201…
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Myriad Reflections

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Book on Hiroshima- releated at MIT, Pune (The Times of India-2006) ACCESS ONLINE HERE
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