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EXPLORING INDIA, SRI LANKA AND SOUTH ASIA (History, Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage)

A study of cloth betel bags (bulath bags) from the ancient times in Sri Lanka. Newsin.Asia, March 15, 2018. ACCESS ARTICLE HERE
A study of electricity and telegraph in Colombo (amidst Sri Lankan history)- from the remaining colonial ruins- the cast-iron electric and telegraph poles- Newsin.Asia-March 5, 2018.ACCESS ARTICLE HERE
India's Villages- History and Intangible Cultural Heritage- Newsin.Asia-February 26, 2018-ACCESS ARTICLE HERE
Significance of International Mother Language Day- Feb-21, 2018- the NewAge, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Feb 21.ACCESS ARTICLE HERE

Significance of International Mother Language Day of February 21- Newsin.Asia-February 18, 2018-ACCES ARTICLE HERE
The South Asian court jester was more than an entertainer in history- Newsin.Asia- February 11, 2018. ACCESS ARTICLE HERE

The connectivity through popular culture (Hindi films)-between India and Sri Lanka across 75 yrs- Newsin.Asia- February 4, 2018. ACCESS ARTICLE HERE

Ice Manufacturing in South Asia- and the Beginning in…
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Myriad Reflections

1947 Earth- on the 65th year of Indian Independence- a tribute through many memories who witnessed the eventACCESS ONLINE HERE
Noted physical anthropologist and pre-historian Dr (Prof) D K Bhattacharya speaks on anthropology to Lopamudra Maitra ACCESS ONLINE HERE
150 years of the University of Calcutta- The Times of India-2006 ACCESS ONLINE HERE
Impact of Social media on human behaviour- (Nov, 2016)ACCESS ONLINE HERE

Interview of Ruskin Bond- 007 of LiteratureACCESS ONLINE HERE
CT Scan for pets in Pune ACCESS ONLINE HERE


Book on Hiroshima- releated at MIT, Pune (The Times of India-2006) ACCESS ONLINE HERE
Exploring the larger side of HIV/AIDS- Sexuality and behaviourACCESS ONLINE HERE