JOURNALS (FEW LINKS- Research articles- History, folk and urban culture, oral traditions and media)

  • 2015 (INDIA) Preliminary ethnographic findings- Discovery of a local Purana- Durgarchanakalpamanjari- Surviving tangible and intangible heritage. In International Journal of Research in Sociology and Anthropology (IJRSA) Volume 1, Issue 1, June 2015, PP 1-9-

  • 2015 (INDIA) Intangible Heritage Transformations- Patachitra of Bengal exploring Modern New Media. In International Journal of History and Cultural Studies (IJHCS) Volume 1, Issue 1, June 2015, PP 1-13-

  • 2013. (INDIA) (ISSN- 2321-8274) Indian Folklore and the “Three Worlds of Experiences’: A New Theory to Understand ‘Learning’ from Folklore in Modern Audio-Visual Media for Children. In Indian Journal of Comparative Literature and Translation Studies. Volume 1, Number 1, September, 2013-

  • 2013. (INDIA) (ISSN- 2319-1201) Stories of Tuntuni from Bengal- Connecting Oral Traditions with The Global Age Across a century. In Heritage and Us (English e-journal) – Year 2, Issue-1, March/April 2013

  • 2012. (SRI LANKA) (ISSN- 2012-922x) Oral-written nexus in Bengali Chharas over the last hundred years: creating new paradigm for children’s literature. In Journal SAARC CULTURE- Vol 3- 2012- SAARC Culture Centre, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2012

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